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Only $79.90 (USD) for 12 months full membership - which is less than $7 per month! 

But is not really about how much it costs. It's about how much you - yes 'you' - can save. We are frequently told by our members that they are now travelling to and exploring countries that in the past they really could not afford to consider travelling to. Their ability to afford to travel so extensively now is made possible through their membership to RV Worldwide. Compared to the alternatives - members are saving many $1000's each time they travel through their RV Worldwide membership. Taking airfares out of the equation members can travel internationally by RV for the same cost as using their RV at home!

No hidden fees. Pay once, which gives you 12 months membership - and you can arrange as many exchanges as you like.

Member Benefits:

  • List your RV.
  • Contact other RV owners worldwide.
  • Send inquiries to other Members.
  • Receive inquiries from other Members.
  • Arrange Exchanges.
  • Visit and explore other countries and cultures.
  • Save, Save, Save! (many $1000's)
  • We are only an email away if you need assistance.
  • Explore and travel like a local - FOR FREE!
  • Your Passport to free International RV / Motorhome / Campervan travel!

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