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Member Guidelines

RV Worldwide is a truly global Community of like-minded RV / Motorhome owners who are also committed travellers. The whole concept behind RV Worldwide and its members / users is based on trust, goodwill and mutual respect. By complying with the following Member Guidelines you can help ensure every member / user has a great experience when using the services provided by RV Worldwide.


1. Respect Other Members

Respect others and they will respect you is as true today as it ever was. We encourage everyone to treat all other members / users with due respect and consideration. RV Worldwide members live in many different countries which means that everyone is on different paths in life, with diverse cultural backgrounds, different language abilities, ages and passions. However, all members know the benefits of RV travel and that through RV worldwide exchanges they now can use their RV investment to realise their dreams of travelling the world to explore and live like a local. Please reply to all enquiries made to you from other members - Even if you are not interested in what they have to offer, please have the courtesy to reply to all enquiries advising the other member that you are not interested as soon as you are able to. Thanks!  

2. Respect the Community

We know that the RV Worldwide Exchange Community will offer you unforgettable travel experiences, which for many of our members has also resulted in life-long friendships. Check out our Member Stories. We are sure they will inspire you to consider all that our community offers to you, then join and also experience what other members have been enjoying since 2008. We encourage you to join, use and respect this RV Exchange Community and you will then also enjoy all the benefits it offers you.

3. Help Us Help You

Questions? Doubts? Or just curious? Get in touch! We love to hear from our Members, and we will do everything in our power to make your RV Exchange experience a very enjoyable, memorable and safe one.

4. Let RV Worldwide Inspire your Future Travel.

Being open to any exchange offer is one of the keys to making the most of your RV Worldwide membership. It will bring you opportunities that you have never even imagined yet! Even if your plans for your next RV vacation are now set you might save the contact for a future exchange. Please always answer messages and ask questions. Our members rave about the experiences that they have enjoyed through RV Worldwide. Let your membership inspire you to travel and experience that which you never thought possible - until now!

5. Enjoy your Travel experiences and all that Life can offer you.


Enjoying life is very important! Travel is all about having fun and experiencing those things that are………...really just indescribable. For you it could be the places you see and the things that do when you are travelling. For many users of RV Worldwide it is the people that you meet that make the time just so special. Remember that International RV travel now doesn't need to be expensive or extravagant! It can also now be simple, easy and of course very affordable through an International RV Exchange. You can enjoy truly exceptional travel experiences that you will remember for the rest of your life and you will always recall that you have been traveling, exploring and staying virtually for free.

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