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Listings Tips - Exchange Members


We suggest that you read and use the following ‘Tips’ to complete your RV exchange membership listing on RV Worldwide. By following these ‘Tips’ you will complete a great looking listing with all the necessary details and which will always attract many more enquiries than a listing with only a few basic details etc.



  1. Listing Options: Select from the options available. 


  1. Title for your RV Listing: A prospective exchange partner will view your title immediately after they have seen your main photo. Therefore your ‘Title’ needs to be relatively short and to the point describing where you are and where you wish to travel to. (i.e. Motorhome in NZ to exchange for South Africa.)


         Your Title should contain the following:

  1. Brief description of type of vehicle. i.e. Motorhome, Class C etc.
  2. Where you are located. This should be the Country your RV is located and for larger countries should be the area (City, State or Province) of that Country.
  3. Where you wish to travel to.


It should not include:

  1. Anything more than the details above.
  2. Any dates at all. Listings with dates become out of date quickly and also a prospective exchange partner will immediately assume that this is the only option available and maybe not look any further at your listing. (The secret to many successful exchanges is to be flexible in what you offer and also what you expect. You will attract many more enquiries first and can then negotiate dates that suit both parties etc.)

Please note that you can change your listing ‘Title’ and all other details including images at any time during your membership. Also for administration purposes we also add a listing number to the title.


  1. Country: Select from the ‘drop down menu’ the Country in which your RV is located. 


  1. State/Province: Select your State / Province / Area of your Country.


  1. Closest City: Select your closest City / Town / General location from the options available to you.


  1. RV Type: Your RV type. This can be as plain as ‘Motorhome’ or ‘Campervan’ or as detailed as you would like it to be.


  1. RV Size: Insert the overall length of your RV (We prefer ‘meters’ but ‘feet’ is also perfectly acceptable!)


  1. Make and Model: Manufacturer and the model.


  1. Year: The year of manufacture of your RV.


  1. Manual or an Automatic Vehicle: Select accordingly.


  1. How many persons does your RV accommodate? You can also explain here the total number possible and how many you consider is ‘comfortable’.


  1. Does it require any special license to drive: As some larger vehicles in some countries require the driver to hold a  ‘Heavy Traffic License’ (or the local equivalent thereof) please indicate here if anything other than a normal ‘car’ license is required to drive your RV.


  1. Additional details about your RV: Use this to put all relevant details that a prospective exchange partner may like to know about your RV. This can include any accessories, sleeping layouts, chattels provided and especially if it is fully self-contained and suitable for ‘freedom camping’ (or ‘Boondocking’ for those of you located in North America!). This is for details about your RV - not you!


  1. Number of persons to be travelling for the exchange: Insert number.


  1. Photograph of your RV: Now this is very important. The photo you upload here is the main one for your listing and will be the first thing seen on your listing by all users. Please try to ensure it displays your RV well. Please note that all additional photos you wish to display are to be uploaded to your ‘Gallery’ from your ‘My Account’ page after you have completed the main details of your listing. More photos provide more information for the viewer and will always attract more enquiries. Feel free to upload photos of yourself also if you would like to - as this adds a ‘personal’ touch to your listing. If you think your photos need some attention to lighten, darken, crop etc please feel free to email these photos to us and we can maybe ‘improve’ them a little so your RV is presented well. Please note that depending on your Internet connection speed large images at times do not upload correctly. Please try to upload images no larger than 1mb. Also if you are unable to upload an image it can be emailed to us ( and we will resize it and upload it for you. Thanks.


  1. Some general information about you: You can put as much information as you like in here. We suggest it could contain some personal details about yourself and any others that are part of the RV Exchange, your background, what stage of life you are at, your RV experience, your RV exchange experience, your interest and hobbies. And of course this is where you will put any details of where you would like to travel to.


  1. Select where you would like to travel to:  Select from the ‘drop down menu’ the countries you would consider traveling to as part of any RV Exchange. (Select ‘Select All’ if you are open to suggestions and willing to receive enquiries from any of our members. It’s a great way to receive many more enquiries and just see what travel opportunities and adventures you could undertake!)
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