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How safe is it?

Well, first of all this is a really great question and is the most frequently asked question put to us when we talk to prospective members and all who are interested in the benefits of using RV Worldwide.

RV Worldwide members have now been exchanging their RV’s worldwide since 2008 and is now the ‘go to’ place for international RV exchanges through being a website built and maintained for this express purpose.  We are extremely happy that during this time many of our members have enjoyed multiple safe and very successful exchanges in all corners of the globe. You can read some of their stories here. We have been advised of only the one exchange that was unsuccessful. When the second party of that exchange went to use the other parties RV they found that the ‘lady’ that they had exchanged with had not been truthful in the details she had provided and it appears that she never had an RV to exchange at all. This instance occurred when RV Worldwide was a ‘listing’ site and any user could contact our members direct and the methods detailed below for checking and confirming were not used as the member concerned had enjoyed successful exchanges in the past and just became a little too trusting. For additional security RV Worldwide is now a ‘membership’ site where all exchange users are active members and are committed to arranging and enjoying a successful exchange through being members and paying for their RV Worldwide membership.

Firstly, all initial communication between members is through the ‘Contact Member’ facility we provide for safe communication and only divulge your personal direct communication details to each other once you both have the confidence to do so. You are always fully in control of your private details until you wish to divulge these!

The RV Worldwide community has been built around members who are committed, honest and trustworthy and is always dependent on this continuing.

It also has never been easier than it is today to check if the information that is being provided to you is correct. In this digital age there are many ways to ensure that your prospective exchange partner is genuine. Once you have communicated with a prospective exchange partner and are making progress we suggest that you consider using the following methods to verify the details provided. You will need at this stage to know each other’s Full Names, Email, Phone Number(s), Street Address and it is also good to know present employment details if any party is still working.

  1. Google is your friend! It is amazing what ‘Google’ knows about you and therefore of course also about your prospective exchange partner. Use it!
  2. Google Maps. Check out the address provided.
  3. Google Street view. (You may just see the RV in this view.)
  4. Google Earth.
  5. Social media including ‘Facebook’ etc. Any genuine prospective exchange partner will want to be ‘friends’ with you and you can learn much from this source. Once you have completed the exchanges you will most probably be friends for life as well!
  6. Exchange photos of the RV’s you are going to exchange. Ensure that the RV photos include registration plate details.
  7. Exchange photos of each other.
  8. Then use the photos provided to ensure that they are genuine through ‘Google Images’ which will soon find if any of these photos are just copied from somewhere on the web.
  9. Obtain and also provide copies of your passport and driver’s license which must include the official numbers.
  10. Then talk to each other by phone or we actually recommend a ‘Skype’ video call to get to know each other.
  11. Use the sample ‘Exchange Agreement’ we provide you with (on request) as a basis to document what you are providing and what you expect from your exchange partner.
  12. Good communication is the basis for all successful exchanges. Both you and your exchange partner are entrusting your RV’s to each other and you will both have the same expectations and concerns.
  13. Remember that you can always say no if you are not satisfied with any information you are being provided with. Please do this as soon as possible, if it is necessary, so all parties can ‘move on’. It does take time to arrange a suitable RV exchange and this is why we suggest that members are planning and making enquiries at least 12 months in advance. This gives you more options and opportunities than having to take the first offer made as you need to travel the next month.


Please note that your RV Worldwide exchange membership and listing does not disclose any private details to other users and it is always entirely up to you what you what details you provide in your listing. We do display a ‘Google Map’ giving any interested member your general location however this is only detailed down to the closest city. Any casual user (Not a member) is not even able to access this ‘Google Map’ details.

So, please use our Contact Us facility if you wish to know or discuss anything else.

And, of course, we trust that you will always enjoy exciting and safe international travels through an RV / Motorhome exchange made possible by RV Worldwide. Have a great trip!

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