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RV Worldwide is the place to arrange an RV / Motorhome / Campervan exchange worldwide. Since 2008 our members have enjoyed worldwide travel for a fraction of the cost of renting an RV etc. The small cost of listing on RV Worldwide is saved in less than the first day of travel. If you have an RV you can exchange RV's with other like minded RV owners worldwide and save! RV users know the freedom of travel in an RV and now can use their RV investment to travel, explore and live like a local - Worldwide.

Plus there is more! RV owners worldwide can now enjoy an income from their RV investment by listing their RV for 'Rent'.

You don't own an RV yet? Rent one Privately through our 'Rent' pages or just complete the 'Search Campervan Hire' box  on the right of this page (and most other pages) and obtain a very competetive quote from our worldwide affliates.

RV Worldwide members are committed to arranging an RV exchange and have not just added their name to a list and then being uncommitted to the concept waste the time of others. To be able to contact our members it is necessary to commit to the concept of RV Exchange by joining the ‘RV Worldwide’ International community and listing your RV.

On a personal note ‘we’ are Stephen Smith and Rosalie Smith-Frank and live in Tauranga, New Zealand. We love travel - in New Zealand and Internationally. (We travelled Alaska by RV in 2013.) We also have spent two years living in Cambodia and volunteering for N.G.O.’s and we try to return to Cambodia when we can to visit friends etc. If you would like to contact us with any question(s) about RV Worldwide please use the ‘Contact Us’ form.

Don’t just take our word for it! Read some of our members’ stories here.


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